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Sopa de Ajo by Iñaki Bolumburu


45g extra virgin olive oil

1 slice of cured pork ham

15g sliced garlic

1 little piece of dry cayenne

35-40g of dry bread

10g chorizero pepper pulp (dry pepper pulp)

1g pimentón de la vera (paprika)

75g tomato sauce

400g water or broth



1. Put the olive oil in the pot and fry the cured pork ham slowly, put onto a drying paper and leave it to cool

2. In the same oil add the sliced garlic and cook till it starts getting colour

3. When the garlic starts getting colour add the bread and toast a little bit until takes in all the oil and gets a little bit toasted (careful - don't burn the garlic)

4. Add the pimentón de la vera whilst stirring, be careful not to burn it

5. Add the tomato sauce, the chorizero pepper pulp and the dry cayenne piece

6. Cook all the mix for 2 minutes, slowly moving it with care and love

7. Add the water or broth in room temperature to the pot and continue cooking slowly (needs to be boiling very slowly)

8. Cook for 15-20 minutes till the bread is stewed

9. Taste and correct the saltiness if necessary

10. When the soup is finished add the egg white moving constantly and take out of the fire


1. Put the bread soup or stew in the middle part of the plate

2. In the middle of the soup add the egg yolk, be careful not to break it

(the egg yolk needs to be in room temperature so it finishes cooking with the heat of the soup)

3. Break the fried crispy cured ham on top of the egg yolk

4. Finish by sprinkling the chopped chives on top of the dish

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