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Potato Rosti, Carrots & Fried Egg with Tobyn Excell

Updated: Apr 24

Slow Roasted Carrots A large “donkey" carrot Rapeseed oil (or roast chicken fat if you have some) 250ml dashi (brown stock if you have it) Pickled elderflower paste (or a handful of fresh elderflowers) 250g good butter

Method: 1. In a hot pan add the rapeseed oil and the carrot, season with salt and slowly roast in a pan for 1 hour.

2. Regularly add a spoonful of butter and baste, you want to treat the carrot like a steak. 3. Finish with elderflowers, or whatever fragrant flowers are in season. Turn up the heat and the dashi, then reduce back down to a glaze. Potato Rosti 500g floury potato, peeled and grated (you can add whatever is in the cupboard: beets, celeriac, sweet potato, onion etc) 50g Beef dripping 1 egg

Method: 1. Wrap the grated potato in a towel and squeeze firmly to remove liquid. Do this first. Beat the egg in a bowl and mix the grated potato. 2. Melt the dripping in a pan on a medium heat, add the potato mix and fry gently for 10-12 mins until golden.

3. Flip the rosti and season with salt, fry for another 6-8 mins until golden on both sides. Fried Egg 1 large egg (organic and free range, naturally) 50g good butter Fry egg in a pan, baste and season with love. Garnishes Roasted carrots Fermented carrots (2% salt, water to cover, 7 days at room temperature) Wild garlic flowers Violet flowers Wild chervil flowers Cuckoo flowers

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