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Miso Soup with Silla Bjerrum

Miso soup is made with standard miso typically fermented for 6-9 months giving its fantastic savory flavor. Whereas sweet miso is typically used for desserts and confectionery and the darker red miso for slow cooking and/or meat dishes typically.

Makes 4 miso soups


40 grams of standard miso paste

1 small shallot onions

1 x 10 cm konbu

800 ml. boiled water

5 grams dried wakame

1/2 pack silken tofu

2 pieces of spring onions


1. Peel onions and cut in quarters, then add to the sauce pan with boiling water, shiitake and konbu. Bring to the boil and leave to simmer for 10 minutes.

2. Meanwhile open up silken tofu, leave the pack upside down to drain on a plate lines with kitchen towel. Peel, trim and wash the spring onions, then shop in paper thin slices and leave to rest on your board. Now let the tofu slide out its box, cut of half a block and cut into cubes of about 0.8 centimetre x 0.8 centimetre and then add to 4 miso bowls.

3. Return to the sauce pan add miso paste and leave to simmer for a further 5 minutes until miso has dissolved fully. Remove shiitake, konbu and onion, then add wakame seaweed which will slowly bloom in the liquid, give it a further 5 minutes. Now ladle miso soup into 4 miso bowls ensuring an equal share of wakame in each. Garnish with spring onions and miso is ready to serve.

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