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Islands’ Smoked Pike Broth & Pike, Ramson, Marinated Chard with Stefan Berwanger

Updated: May 19, 2020

For the pike Take a 1 kg pike and fillet it. Remove the skin, cut off he upper back filet. Smoke the meat trimmings (without skin), then use in the stock. Put the carcasses an the head (remove eyes an gills) in cold water, wash them. For the broth 500g Pike carcasses and trimmings

250g Smoked Pike 250g Onions (halves, with skin)

100g Celeriac 100g Celery

100g Tomato 1 pcs Clove of garlic

2 pcs Juniper berry

Method: Cut the carcasses into 3-5 cm pieces. Cut all the vegetables into Mirepoix, put everything in a pot and cover it with water. Let it boil one time and reduce the heat, keep simmering. After 90 minutes strain the liquid and reduce the broth to 1/5 of the total amount. For the marinated chard Separate the leafs from the stem. Cut the stem into Brunoise and the leafs into Julienne. Roast the stem with max heat, add salt and a little bit of vinegar. Marinate with ramson paste and let cool down. Mix the leafs into it and we are ready to plate. Before plating Glaze the pike filet with a little bit of the broth an torch it. Arrange the chard on the plate, add the pike on top and add the broth.

Pädaste Manor, Muhu Island, Estonia

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