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Bone Marrow & New Potato Tacos with Santiago Lastra

(4 portions) Ingredients

Tortillas (4) 60g Corn masa harina 80ml Water Salsa 20g Toasted Sunflower seeds 3g Ancho chili powder (or a mix of different chilis) 10ml Rapeseed oil 10ml Kombucha (preferably sour, otherwise change for apple vinegar) Filling 2 pieces Bone marrow 4 pieces New potato 4 pieces Oyster mushrooms (shredded like in Demostration) 4 spoons Flake salt Plating 15g Miso Paste 15g spoon Honey 100g Sour Kraut Fresh herbs (I used Ice plant and pea shoots)

2g Cornish salt (or another flake salt)

5g Miso paste

For the tortillas

Mix the ingredients in a bowl and season with salt to create a uniform dough, make balls of 35 g and cook in the pan at medium heat flipping them 3 times as in the presentation, it is important that the tortillas inflate (soufflé) so they cook from the inside and are flexible keeping moist, you can keep them warm by placing them in a towel.

For the salsa

In a morter or blender mill the seeds into a paste, then add the oil and the chili powder followed by the other ingredients, sir evenly, taste , season with salt and reserve


Rub the Bones for about 10min with 2 spoons of flake salt, then cover with water and refrigerate overnight to drain the remind blood from the marrow, dry with a tea towel and bake at 220C for 15min, glaze with a mixture of miso, water and honey and blowtorch just right before serving

In a Pot with water and the rest of the salt cook the Potatoes from cold water take off the stove as soon as they start boiling, drain and put in a container , cut them in irregular shapes as in the presentation and bake with a splash of oil on top for 20 min in the oven at 200C until golden . reserve warm

Roast the mushroom in a pan at medium low heat, when they are half way cooked add 2 spoons of the salsa and cook for other 5min and reserve hot


Place in a plate the bone marrow, cover with herbs and serve with sides of sourkraut, de potatoes and the mushrooms and the sauce separately as in the presentation, with freshly made tortillas in the side

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